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MÜMTAZ  ISINGÖR  (Prof. Dr .-Marmara Uni.Fine Arts Faculty-Sculptor)  -- Istanbul

“İnci Kansu’s exhibition is generally striking. I can say that one of the leading factors that make up the quality is the sensitivity about color and form. These works expand their sphere of influence with their 3D forms. The occasional overflow of graphic editing outside of the spacing in the colored areas and the intermixing of the color with the gold leaf ascribe a special mystery to the products. Kansu’s harmonies have surfaces that are reminiscent of   Rufino Tamayo and that occasionally come closer to those tastes. The artist’s success lies in her capability to construe her color harmonies in her inner world with a contemporary and 3D material. The high-level quality in her products in which she works with her own “hand-made paper” gets integrated with respect accorded to a contemporary material. The finish can only be explained with Inci Kansu’s meticulousness.”


HÜSAMETTIN  KOÇAN  (Dean of the Marmara Uni. Fine Arts Faculty-Artist) --  Istanbul   

“I watched İnci Kansu’s exhibition admiringly. The new well-construed presentation that she tried in some of the works displayed in this exhibition leads to both to a changing mysterious visuality between the spectator and the works and a new understanding of superimposability that the Plexiglas has added to the process of production have enriched the surface of the paintings. As a result, a new energy has been created in Kansu’s art that has added a tenser and richer dimension to her paintings. Growing surfaces or numerous superimpositions will open the doors for her to proceed along her path towards more progressive points. I wish that this new journey that has transpired for İnci turns into a major travel that I believe will realize.” 


TAYFUN  ERDOGMUS  (Marmara Uni. Fine Arts Museum-Artist) – Istanbul

“Inci Kansu’s products have words to tell something about themselves. This is a plain and candid language that attempts to convey without overestimating or exaggerating. The paintings contain a silent dynamic. Both the color and the form are prudent in themselves and require the viewers to exert an effort to read. Meticulously, Plexiglas has added a fine dimension and a fresh taste to the products created at the stage next to the manufacturing of the paper. Another important aspect is the existence of a living Mediterranean spirit in these paintings.”   

WINALD  STOPPEL  (Critic – Writer ) – Nicosia 

“She combines the poetry platform with the impact of the paper. The paper is readily structured, from which a natural light and shade are created. Surface colors and forms are layered. Her approach to production in its full sense brings novelties to our understanding and vision. Her front discovers the further ahead. Her pictures overflow out of their frames.”       


REMZİ  KÖKLÜ  (Paper and glass artist) – Istanbul 

“İnci Kansu’s works have yielded extraordinarily fine outcomes, thanks to the esthetic of the manufactured paper, holism of the output and application of several techniques such as collage, dye, and gold leaf. These are works that confirm the remarks, ‘in our present age, art and technology have come close to each other or even have intermingled into each other.’


TOME  MOMIROVSKI  (Critic – Writer) –  Macedonia    

“Thanks to her artistic creativity, İnci Kansu’s works pass from 2D to 3D. Her recent work on the waves of the Mediterranean is the reflection of her sentimentalism and spirituality. The following words by the great Turkish poet Ahmet Haşim can be referred to for her works: “We feed a nightingale for its voice, not for its meat.”     


SVETLANA  HOTIC   (Poet – Writer ) – Macedonia    

“.......I could not possibly turn away my internal eye from the paintings by which way I could enter the depths of the paintings as if I were entering my own depths. I could not say no to them. I could not say no to the key-like skills on İnci Kansu’s fingers. I was allowing the paintings to recreate me with three elements.................”   


İLHAN  BERK  (Poet – Writer)  – Bodrum   

“I was impressed by these works. She transformed her own ‘hand-made paper’ into a work of art. New meanings havr been ascribed to the ‘paper’ that she manufactured with this method and adventure. ”

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